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Practical, not sexist or supposed-to-look-hot female armor which actually protects you.


Look at the lack of tit cups. 


argument: captain phasma’s armor is supposed to look hot. but, this is the crucial thing, it looks hot from the point of view of the character herself, and makes perfect sense in the context of the story

“Phasma had the armor polished in chromium, which had been salvaged from a Naboo yacht that had once belonged to Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire, the First Order’s precursor.”

phasma has spent like all her life in the first order, as a storm trooper. you ask any storm trooper ‘what would be the sexiest possible modification to your armor’ and none of them are going to say ‘cut a boob window’ they’re gonna say ‘plate it with something HARDCORE’. 

after they finish high-fiving, they will probably add, ‘AND STICK A CAPE ON.’

#other hot thing about phasma armour: #Gwendolyn Christie is inside (via @holdbeast)

a good thing has appeared on my dash!!!

also, ask a stormtrooper what they really, really want, and they might glance around a bit before saying, “individuality”

no one else looks like phasma, and for a stormtrooper, that’s pretty amazing.

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